Transforming regulatory reporting from a burden to an opportunity

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We provide solutions to simplify reporting compliance

Regulatory reporting has been experiencing strong growth worldwide for the last few years. The recent financial crisis showed the need for the processing of more data in order for public institutions to provide a better oversight of the financial situation. Additionally, new technologies and skills are allowing for the collection and dissemination of more and more data both to regulators and the public. And this is not only aggregated data, but also at very granular levels.

This situation, although paving the way for more robust economies in the future, is introducing serious challenges to all the actors involved, from the regulators to the regulated entities.

In meaningfulData we can offer our expertise in the technical and business aspects of regulatory reporting to any party involved in the regulatory reporting process, including regulators and regulated entities. We do that by providing consultancy services on reporting technologies and by developing software aimed to support the development and understanding of the reporting process.

Our Services

Our expertise in the regulatory reporting area allows us to offer consultancy services to both data reporting and data collecting institutions with the aim of improving their data reporting processes.

Examples of our consultancy services are:

Support in the design of processes for the management and use of regulatory data

Data integration by using data dictionaries

Advisory services on European reporting frameworks, such as AnaCredit, Securities Holding Statistics (SHS), FinRep, CoRep or the Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD)

Training on data dictionaries (SDD, SDMX) and Validation and Transformation Language (VTL)

Our experience, at your disposal

Tell us about your regulatory reporting issues, and we will find the solution for them!

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